What Pearson Do Best

Stunning New Builds

Our build projects are quite often a once-in-a-life-time ambition which could be a major upheaval for our clients, if not managed properly.

The build can be a risk to make or break an architect’s reputation, Pearson manage everyone’s expectations, from the meticulous way we maintain our sites, to the great lengths we go to source the finest materials and latest technologies.

overseen by the founder of the business Ian Pearson, guaranteeing we build homes that exude quality in every detail.

With over thirty years in the business, the Pearson team are highly skilled and adaptable to build and manage most architectural challenges from the cutting edge Eco home to the period style residence.

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Meticulous Restoration

Every restoration project is unique, planning and listing authorities have to be closely worked with. Traditional skills and materials need to be applied wherever possible and have to follow the local vernacular. At the same time we are aware that we live in a modern world, with modern expectations of finish, comfort and environmental issues.

From barn conversions to Victorian masonry restoration our craftsmen and tradesmen apply the same meticulous skill, care and enthusiasm to restore your home to it’s past glory.

We listen, adapt, perfect, advise where necessary and above all do whatever it takes to restore the most beautiful home for our client.

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Exquisite Interiors

The rolling mechanism of a drawer, the depth of lustre on a surface, to the drama created from a well designed lighting scheme, all adds up to the enduring quality of a home that’s a pleasure to live in.

We know the true measure of quality, we search for and work with the very best brands and when that won’t do we make our own.

Pearson’s craftsmen create from our workshops the finest, bespoke living spaces and furniture to fit any situation from the kitchen, to the bedroom, to wherever you dream of.

Our installation team of technical tradesmen and craftsmen install your living space meticulously, working around you to ensure your home is disrupted as little as possible. Perfection.

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Elegant Extensions

A Pearson extension is the jewel in the crown of your beautiful home or a living space that fits so naturally that it appears to have been there forever.

When working in your home, service is key. Pearson people are skilled craftsmen, who respect you and your home. We understand that building work can be disruptive and stressful but we guarantee that you will be delighted with our professional management and exceptional standards that a discerning clients expects.

From creating a beautiful orangery for your daughter’s wedding reception, to being inventive with space by digging out your lifetimes ambition – a wine cellar, Pearson’s level of finish and use of the latest technologies enables you to make the most of any potential, to improve your home.

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