Phelps. Castle Hill

Kind Words From Our Client

Having never even had so much as a storm porch added to any of my many previous homes, we somewhat surreally, found ourselves in the, admittedly enviable position, of being about to build an 8000sqft family home. But, we needed a builder!

I think it is fair to say that there are many horror stories attached to house building such as this, however, having courted four building contractors, it was Pearson Building that we felt the most confidence in and I am pleased to report that it could not have been a more pleasurable experience.

Nothing was too much for the Pearson team. They ran an immaculately organised and tidy site and showed total respect to our neighbourhood, with this being a huge importance that is oft overlooked by those who have to reside there long after the project has completed.

Ian Pearson’s own attention to detail was often felt in many ways as the project developed and situations arose where even the smallest of changes could and would, clearly prove beneficial to the end aesthetic and flow as a family home. I too have major needs for the perfection of line, form, design and finish and Pearson Building delivered over and above expectation on all of these requirements never making my presence, comment or question, feel unwanted.

Full clarity of all costs was provided every month from day one, and the project was delivered on time and on budget with the only uplifts being that of additional elements that I requested and these were always costed and reported to us first so we could decide if they were acceptable or not. There were simply no hidden surprises.

We are fortunate to live in a premium town of which we now live in what has been so many times now, referred to by many others as simply the most wonderful and fantastic house in the whole town. We feel very privileged of this, but we also feel very lucky too. Lucky that firstly we met Ian Pearson. Lucky that we then chose to have Pearson Building build our home and that it couldn’t have been a more enjoyable process to boot making the home we now live in that bit more special than one should the process not have been such a pleasant one.

Bravo the Pearson Building Team and may you continue to prosper!